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About Chef Ivan’s Cooking Seasonings – “It Don’t Mean Thing Unless It Got That Chef Ivan’s Zing!”


What makes our cooking seasoning and spice blends so special?


Chef Ivan’s Special blends of seasoning adds multiple layers of flavor to your favorite foods in each bite. Many of our spice blends are a combination of fine grounded herbs and seasoning with medium ground and whole herbs. This gives our spice blends a much richer and bolder flavor than other spice blends. Some of our herbs and spices are roasted to unlock the maximum flavor of the herbs and spices giving our spice blends a pleasant aroma and adding an enhanced flavor to enrich any dish.


Our seasoning blends have a lower salt and sodium content so you can enjoy your dishes without the guilt.


Our special blend of herbs, spices and seasonings can help anyone to be able to prepare food like a professional chef or better than any 4 to 5-star restaurant. Our seasoning blends have a lower salt & sodium content than most of the seasoning blends on the market. We are sure that you will love our healthier seasoning blends.



Chef Ivan’s Cooking Seasoning 4Pack $27.00
Chef Ivan’s Pepper Blend & Blackening Seasoning 4Pack $27.00
Master Steak Blend 4Pack $27.00
Chef Ivan’s Season Right All Purpose Seasoning 4Pack $27.00
Soul Food and Fried Chicken Seasoning 4Pack $27.00
Holy Moly Spice of Life Himalayan Black Salt Seasoning Blend 3Pack $27.00

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