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Discover The Zeal Difference

Discover The Zeal Difference at Shabaang

Clinical Trial Validation’s are in…

The Amazing Health Benefits of Z-SRB and 39 of the planet’s best Super Foods and nutrients found in Zeal for Life… Read the Zeal Science Update NOW!

Clinical studies back up there is definitely a Zeal difference

85% of healthy people experienced a variety of positive results, including a 23% increase in vigor and activity. Zeal’s balanced nutrition can be a foundational support to good health, proper energy levels and successful weight management. Zeal’s unique formula offer’s scientifically proven results. Check out our customer reviews below…

Stabilized Rice Bran

Zeal-Stabilized Rice Bran” (Z-SRB) offers amazing nutrients by blending botanical super foods to promote a powerhouse of nutrients for optimal health. So, what is Stabilized Rice Bran? Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) is a unique natural food concentrate that contains essential vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and both soluble and in soluble fiber, along with soluble dietary fiber, protein and a variety of beneficial antioxidants. It also contains plant compounds that may help support healthy cholesterol levels already at a normal range, support immune system function and support the body’s defenses against free radicals. Because stabilized rice bran contains nutrients that enable the body to thrive and heal itself of illness and reverse disease, it has become known as one of the world’s most nutrient dense whole foods on the planet. Stabilized Rice Bran is the main ingredient in Zeal for Life. And when combined with 39 botanical super foods, such as Acai Berry, Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, Bacopa,  Broccoli, Chlorella, Cranberry, Fennel Seed Powder, Gogi Berry, Gotu Kola, Grape Seed, Green Tea Extract, Guarana Seed, Kudzu Root, Lychee, Maca Powder, Milk Thistle, Moringa Oleifera, Noni Juice, Red Ginseng, Stevia Leaf, Turmeric, Wild Blueberry and Yerba Mate, you have a powerhouse of nutrients with unsurpassed benefits that can be felt at the cellular level. Click  “ZEAL Science Update to view the complete list of ingredients in Zeal.

The 39 Superfoods In Zeal For Life


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Zurvita’s “Zeal for Life” Product Reviews

Zeal for Life is an all-in-one nutritional beverage that delivers beneficial nutrients to your body, supports your immune system, and encourages a youthful state of vigor. Discover the Zeal difference today and write your own review!



L. Chase

I love the Zeal Wild Berry. Having suffered from severe Adrenal Fatigue previously, Zeal has really helped with my mental fatigue and concentration. I have real clarity of mind very quickly after drinking it.



B. McNeal

I am a retired license clinical laboratory scientist of 25 years. Over the last 18 years, I had been struggling with discomfort levels of 8 to 10 daily! Prior to drinking Zeal, I had 6 knee replacements, both ankles and feet reconstructed and multiple health issues. After drinking my first sample of Zeal, all my discomfort went completely away after 18 years of experiencing this discomfort. I thought it was a fluke! I also slept better after being on sleeping pills for 18 years. No more hot flashes and I have more energy and stamina to get through my days! Because of my incredible results, I went out and shared Zeal with everyone I knew.



C. Kusunoki

I am retired from the Sacramento county Sheriffs Department and last year when I sampled Zeal, I noticed that I was more focused and alert and also that I had relief from allergy symptoms and experienced the best night’s sleep ever. Then, a couple of months ago, after drinking Zeal, the discomfort in my hands and joints went away in 1 hour. For those reasons, I am Zeal for Life!



J. Kennard

I am 68 years young have been diagnosed with several mental health challenges in the last 16 years. Since then, I have battled depression and experienced significant weight gain. Two months ago, I sampled Zeal and was amazed when I noticed an hour later that I felt significant improvement of myself. Ha-le-lu-jah! I was so excited that I continued taking Zeal and began the entire Transformation System. After two months of a healthy diet and exercise, I lost 17 pounds! I now have a new outlook on life… I have more energy and I’m more productive than I have been in a very long time. I thank God for Zeal for Life and for the person who told me about it. I now look forward to my future!



Robert Irvin

Former military. Before I heard about Zurvita, I weighted over 300 lbs. I suffered from back discomfort as well as discomfort down my leg. After taking ZEAL FOR LIFE a year ago, I’ve has lost over 115 lbs. Also, I no longer have discomfort in my back or leg.


Brooks Martin Cumbie

“My energy levels were really, really high. I felt so much better. My well-being improved. It was wonderful! I loved it!”

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